Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Holiness of God

By R. C. Sproul

How do you define holy? What is holy to you? When something is made holy, how does that affect how you perceive it? More importantly, if God is holy, what does that do to us?

In The Holiness of God, Sproul answers these questions of mine and, in so doing, he blew my mind away time and time again. With the turning of each page I found myself utterly wasted at the thought of what true holiness is and how we respond to it.  Isaiah needed to have his lips cleansed by fire in order to speak to a Holy God; the Seraphim that surround Him cover their feet signifying their created status in the midst of a Holy God; and Paul the Apostle was thrown down and struck blind when God revealed just a portion of His Holiness.

Yet we can't be bothered to speak a simple prayer of thanks for His provision when we eat.

This book truly caused me to take a good, hard long look at what I always thought about God and His majesty, and has forced me to see my own unholiness in the face of a Holy God. Todd Agnew mentioned that this was a free Kindle eBook and I couldn't resist snatching it up - I am so glad I did! The reality of the purity of God simply never crossed my mind before. Sproul has a way of taking the obvious and turning your attention to it in a way that makes it undeniable.

Every believer needs to read this book!

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